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The world’s most advanced interoperability platform

io.Connect offers best-in-class integration of web, native and legacy systems. It can be deployed via web or desktop — at massive scale across thousands of desktops or any device that supports a modern browser. Create a differentiated user experience for simple or complex workflows, and see interoperability come to life.

io.Connect capabilities
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io.Connect offers the most-advanced workspaces on the market providing powerful UI and data integration. Ensure the most important appls are loaded first with application lifecycle management. Hibernate and restore apps based on machine utilization. Save and share workspaces across the organization.

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Compose applications into logical groups for specific tasks. Save and restore layouts across multiple physical screens, or from desktop to web.

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Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box adapters for apps such as Bloomberg, Fidessa, Excel, Outlook, Salesforce and many more. Language adapters help accelerate development, providing io.Connect capabilities in your preferred programming language.

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Data Interoperability

Enable apps of any type to share and synchronize data in real-time. Automate rote tasks your traders, PMs, compliance officers, and back office engage with, freeing them for higher value tasks.

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User Behavior and 
Application Analytics

Track application usage, time spent in each app, navigation patterns and more to get a deep understanding of the user journey. Capture machine resource utilization e.g. CPU load, memory load, network utilization and more with io.Insights.

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FINOS-certified implementation of the full FDC3 standard. Seamless discovery with plug-and-play deployment and integration of FDC3-enabled apps. is Lead Maintainer of the FDC3 standards.

Deployment options

io.Connect delivers interoperability everywhere, all at once – across desktop and browser. Using our remote gateway, applications can be integrated across devices for mobile handoff, multi-desktop environments, and multi-person workflows.


For frictionless, zero-install, browser and PWA-based interoperability

io.Connect on desktop

io.Connect Browser is deployed as a zero-install web application on any device. It includes multi-monitor layouts and a fully configurable launch-pad where users can discover apps and better manage their workflows.

The optional io.Connect Browser extension delivers injectable implementations of FDC3 via browser extension.


For the most advanced workflow capabilities and deep native application integration

io. Connect salesforce connection

io.Connect Desktop is an Electron-based application that can host native and web apps in io.Connect windows and provides APIs for sharing data between apps, advanced window management, application management, global search, notifications, and much more.

io.Connect Benefits

io.Connect is an award winning desktop integration platform that brings your interoperability projects to life. Whether it’s connecting apps of any type or modernizing legacy systems, io.Connect helps keep your tech sharp and end users happy.

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io.Connect exposes a rich set of UI and data capabilities enabling web apps to seamlessly communicate with each other. All interactions occur on the client device, making them secure and fast.

Simplify User Experience

Happy users make for happy customers. With award-winning advanced window management, io.Connect provides a multi-app workspace to manage workflows and synchronize data context between different systems.

Work Smarter

Monitor app performance and user workflows in real-time or on a historical basis. Optimize processes and rationalize apps based upon actual user journeys, not guess work!


Designed for mission-critical deployments at global scale, io.Connect is used across tens of thousands of enterprise desktops. io.Connect comes with a host of practical developer/test tools to facilitate rollouts and maintain availability. Our world-class client success team supports both non-production and production environments.

Zero-install in a web environment

io.Connect Browser eliminates the need for installed app containers and uses standard browser features. Installation is immediate, frictionless and zero foot-print! Deploy beautifully designed workspaces to any number of user desktops—be it hundreds or millions—without installing any client software.

Reduce costs

A more efficient workforce will achieve faster results and improved morale. Utilize the full potential of legacy apps and infrastructure, seamlessly integrated into your modern, web apps. Reuse, don’t rebuild!

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Legacy Application Modernization

Reduce cost and speed up time to market by re-using parts of legacy systems and integrating them with any modern, proprietary or 3rd party app.

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Enterprise Application Integration

Accelerate digital transformation by seamlessly integrating UI and data between any applications to deliver cohesive and simplified user experiences.

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Operational Efficiency

Increase user productivity and customer satisfaction by creating workspaces where business data is shared and analyzed across systems – helping users eliminate redundant actions and optimize workflows.

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Ensure regulatory and process compliance by capturing and analyzing user behavior directly from the desktop.

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