You won’t find native support like ours anywhere else

Industry-leading Native Support

Because the majority of our clients’ apps are native, we’re committed to making sure these apps are equal players on the desktop. Achieve seamless incorporation of native systems with web or third-party apps.

Native support comparison matrix


More than just an API connector


Logical integration

With io.Connect, the barriers between different languages are dissolved to allow integration between applications. We refer to this as “logical” integration. Unlike competing platforms, native applications in io.Connect have access to io.Connect services and APIs, including:

  • Link apps or group apps together for context sharing across user-defined channels
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Generate notifications from native applications
  • Collect user data for analysis in io.Insights

Native apps are equal players


Visual integration

All apps launched by io.Connect share a customizable aesthetic—including native. With native UI components such as titlebars for Winform & WPF, JavaFX and Java Swing, your native apps match the look and feel of your HTML5 apps. They truly are equal players on the desktop. Our patent-pending technology provides the following:

  • Snap, group, and tab any windows
  • Save and re-launch windows as part of workspaces
  • Floating, dockable toolbar launches apps and manages workspaces