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A turnkey server that saves time and resources

io.Manager is a server-side application that provides everything required to run io.Connect out-of-the-box. Accelerate your desktop interoperability project and see successful implementation in a fraction of the time. 

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What is io.Manager?

io.Connect delivers interoperability to the user via desktop or browser — no backend server required. However, most clients implement server-side functionality to define and manage user groups, save user preferences, and/or save and share workspaces across devices. Clients implement io.Manager as a turnkey solution for all the above.

io.Manager Benefits

  • Faster project launch = faster time to market and greater ROI.
  • Save time with no-code io.Manager Admin Interface.
  • Focus on higher-value deliverables to improve trader workflow.
Streamlined back-end data management

Beyond initial product launch, io.Manager allows firms to significantly reduce admin efforts when it comes to the management of: 


Manage app definition from a central location. Associate apps with specific users or user groups.


Store and retrieve app preferences for specific users or user groups. Allow the UX to be configured for individual user profiles.

User Experience

Provide a consistent user experience. Save and restore user-specific workspaces and layouts on any device.


In addition to platform management, io.Manager allows the remote management of user sessions, including retrieving logs, capturing user feedback and crash reports, monitoring user session performance and hardware specification.

Make developers happy with io.Manager
io.Manager keeps developers happy

Improve developer ergonomics with a no-code/low-code solution

Prioritizing devex is a valuable business investment. According to this Forrester Snapshot, 83% of DevOps leaders surveyed agree improving developer satisfaction is a priority for the next 12 months.

With io.Manager, developers can skip building back-end features like storing config and app definition and focus on creating interop solutions, such as choosing which apps to connect and what bespoke workspaces to build.

Launch your interoperability project faster with io.Manager