Professional Services with provides professional services to assist clients in accelerating deployments and maximizing the value of the platform. Our team of experts brings deep technical knowledge and financial markets industry experience to your firm in a variety of professional services offerings.

Who benefits from Professional Services?

  • Those who don’t have the resources to get started with their interop project.
  • Those who lack subject matter expertise in desktop interop — our team approaches your project as a true partner.
  • Those ready to take control of their own destiny and become an industry leader in interoperability initiatives.

With Professional Services you can…

  • Integrate new apps and/or multiple apps at once.
  • Build a path forward when it comes to modernizing legacy systems and designing component-based (microservice) architecture using off-the-shelf platforms.
  • Maximize the power of your current interop platform, for example: app connectivity, symbology mappers, enterprise app stores, UX design journeys, etc.


Platform Consulting Services

Platform Consulting Services were developed based on client feedback and experience in the field. Get extra value from the power of desktop interoperability. Whether it’s UX design journeys, custom connectors, or data mapping for specific use cases, we’ve got you covered. Select from our prepackaged offerings or combine several to suit your needs.

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Integration Strategy, Governance and Roadmap
  • Solution Architecture: Advice and design of micro-frontend and desktop interop architectures.
  • Bespoke Center of Enablement (CoE): Standards, guidelines, and governance processes for multi-team programs.
  • Insights (Infrastructure): Metrics for design, capture and storage of user/system behavioral events.
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Workflow Automation Solution
  • Business Analysis: Process and system analysis, design and workflow mapping.
  • Data Translation: Implementation of ‘Context Mapper’ for specific use-cases.
  • Workflow Integration: Implementation of adapters to specific 3rd party vendor applications.
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Application Integration
  • Connectivity – New 3rd Party Adapters Development: Creation of an adapter to specific apps or languages.
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UX Design
  • UX Design: Review of existing navigational paths and mapping onto to-be workflows.
  • Insights: Visualization of behavioral/system events to support workflow optimization and reporting.
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Client Migration to
  • From Finsemble: Upgrade to io.Connect, a simple exercise with client involvement; not a chargeable service.
  • From Competitors: Seamless migration from a competing platform, leveraging the investment you’ve already made in interoperability.
  • FDC3 Client Migration: From in-house solution migration to FDC3.

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