Analyze user experience, application performance and process compliance with io.Insights

io.Insights allows operational, compliance and risk teams to capture and visualize user behavior as they navigate within and between io.-enabled applications. The visualization capability is delivered as a set of quick-start templates and customizable reports.

io.Insights apps

Application metrics

Understand how often applications are used and the duration of their usage, driving better decision making on future investments.

User metrics

Identify productivity opportunities by analyzing employee performance, understanding work patterns and activity levels.

Infrastructure metrics

Monitor machine health and resource consumption to identify potential problems before they affect your users.

Business metrics

Composite queries calculated from the above can reveal unique business insights; e.g. Which user journeys that generate best outcomes? Which users need training? What applications can I decommission?

Benefits of io.Insights

How it works

Depending on configuration settings, every time a user interacts with an io.-enabled application, events can be raised.

User flow of insights data