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With interop.io, connect all of your systems in intelligent ways so multi-step processes are streamlined, and context is shared across all apps at once. Integrate app data and UI into a unified workflow, eliminating the need for repetitive operations. Allow portfolio managers, compliance professionals and dealers to make faster, more informed decisions.

“Interoperability is now becoming not just nice to have, but a must have.”

—Mike King, Global Business Head for Bloomberg App Portal (Source: A-Team Insights)

How interop.io can help
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Reduce errors

Integrate data and UI across all apps into a cohesive workflow, eliminating the need for repetitive operations. This reduces error rates due to rekeying and increases efficiency.

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Improve productivity

Build bespoke workspaces based on app usage or the time of day the apps are used. Eliminate the frustration caused by fragmented workflows and allow portfolio managers and dealers to focus on generating alpha, not toggling between systems.

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Deliver new functionality faster

Deliver new functionality or re-purpose existing features from legacy systems and exploit pre-built adapters (e.g. Bloomberg, Eikon, Salesforce, Excel, etc). Rather than rip and replace, incorporate legacy into streamlined workflows.

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Simplify compliance

Record and analyze user-driven events, like opening an app, viewing the content of a report, interacting via a softphone, all in real-time. Having these insights at your fingertips makes it easy to respond to sophisticated compliance requirements.

Build workflows, not applications

Ask yourself, what would you do with an extra ten minutes each hour, or eighty minutes a day?

Automating rote tasks allows your analysts, dealers or portfolio managers to study the market, talk to their portfolio manager, research, be creative — any of the things they wish they had time for at the end of the day.

interop.io allows you to build out a personalized chain of events leading up to each action. It’s an important refrain we share: Build workflows, not applications. We are here to help you identify what those buy-side workflows might be.


FDC3 — the heart of buy-side workflows

Connectivity is imperative to buy-side workflows, and application providers want to be key players. More and more vendors are prioritizing FDC3 to make this happen.

Meeting FDC3 compliance means these buy-side vendor apps arrive primed and ready for interoperability out-of-the-box (note: FDC3-compliant apps can interoperate immediately once installed on a desktop equipped with an FDC3 Desktop Agent, such as io.Connect). If you’re a buy side looking for interoperability, encouraging your vendor application providers to become FDC3 compliant is in your best interest.

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Learn how Pictet Asset Management used interop technology to streamline three workflows: Money Markets, FX Pricer, and Credit and Axe Data. The result? Up to ten minutes per trade saved by eliminating rote tasks.

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Global investment firm AllianceBernstein (AB) continues to leverage interop.io to help traders gain better insights more efficiently, improving their experience, and optimizing their productivity.

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