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interop.io Support Services

This page outlines the scope of the support service that interop.io offers within the standard support offerings, it also indicates where interop.io can provide support from its Professional Services organization as part of paid-for-services. Defects are covered by Support Services as defined in the SLA. In addition to dealing with suspected defects in our products (or the applications built on our product) support also helps our clients with the services outlined below.

Product Guidance

Included in Support Services

We assist customers in diagnosing and troubleshooting any error or warning generated by interop.io’s products. Issues that arise when products are not configured according to official product documentation fall beyond the scope of our support service.

Feature guidance
We provide guidance and explanations about the product’s built-in features and supported configurations. We offer references to existing resources and demonstrate the intended uses of the product.

Diagnostics confirmation and workarounds
We diagnose and confirm bugs that appear to be in interop.io’s products, provided the corresponding product is used according to the official product documentation. We strive to provide workarounds while bugs are being fixed.

Debugging third-party code
Support services does not debug third-party code, external libraries, and assemblies within your implementation.

Available with Professional Services

Product Training and Design Workshops
Our Professional Services department offers detailed product training and interop concept/solution design workshops from our Platform Consulting team.

Custom Feature Implementations
If customers seek alternative solutions for built-in features or other custom implementations, we refer them to Professional Services. Developing solutions for functionality that differs from the built-in behavior of a product falls within the scope of the Platform Consulting team in our Professional Services department.

Performance–Related Support

Included in Support Services

General optimization advice
We diagnose and confirm performance issues that derive directly from interop.io’s products. We also offer general guidance on performance analysis, and suggestions to improve performance related directly to interop.io’s products and tools.

Available with Professional Services

Performance tuning
The Platform Consulting team in our Profession Services department can provide detailed analysis and guidance on performance tuning of interop.io products and implementations based on them and can support the implementation of or directly implement performance tuning recommendation.

Remote Sessions

Included in Support Services

We allow customers to demonstrate complex issues in their live, UAT or Dev environments through remote sessions. These sessions are subject to availability and fair usage policies. Upon requesting such in a support ticket, we may require additional information and/or code samples to prepare for the session and ensure we can provide the subject experts who can best assist. During the session, our experts will attempt to diagnose the issue and offer a solution or a workaround if available such exists. Depending on the case, we may request additional information and code samples through the support ticketing system.

Available with Professional Services

The Professional Services department can offer customers platform consulting services, custom logic analysis, performance optimization advice, training, and more.

Phone Calls Graphic

Phone Calls

Included in Support Services

We can confirm and escalate notification of severe production issues over the phone. Customers can use the phone numbers in the support contract to reach our 24/7 line. Please note that phone calls are strictly for notification purposes. We do not provide technical support over the phone unless it is pre-arranged.