Optimize sales and trading workflows

Application Integration for Sell-Sides

Maximize the efficiency of sell-side trader tools

With interop.io, sell-side firms create highly intuitive workspaces where data is tracked and synchronized in real-time between apps of any kind – web, native, in-house or legacy.

This means salespeople and traders can increase the speed and quality of client service and order execution, while optimizing their tools and market knowledge. 

Business Benefits


Automate sell-side trader workflow

interop.io results in better client conversations, quicker times to market and best execution. In just one click, traders can:

  • Access market intelligence by syncing ticker information between apps.
  • Sync across apps on quotes, pricing, analytics and news for idea generation, faster decision making and best execution.
  • See data around client profile, holdings, interests, past orders and more to know who to call and why to call.

Create a streamlined workflow between sales, trading and back office. Improve client/broker relationships with personalized, client-specific insights.

interop.io clients include

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Connect anything to everything

interop.io is an enabler of digital transformation without large budgets and time frames. Extend the trading environment through the rapid addition of new apps or micro-frontends. Deliver new functionality or re-purpose existing features from legacy systems. Take advantage of pre-built application adapters for Bloomberg, Fidessa, Excel, and Salesforce.

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Fidessa and Velox Workflow

See these popular sell-side trader tools connect and seamlessly share data in one click.

Launch projects in days, not months

Our commitment to the developer experience makes building, customizing, and deploying interoperability achievable in record-breaking time, helping to make the jobs of trading technologists easier.

Why do technologists choose interop.io? Because they can…

  • Replace legacy platforms incrementally without turning the lights off and/or repurpose existing features from legacy systems.
  • Build a best-of-breed platform of choice with any-to-any technology integration.
  • Extend the trading environment through the rapid addition of new apps or micro-frontends.
  • Access the largest vendor ecosystem available on the market to seamlessly integrate 3rd party apps and in-house built on different technologies.
  • Select from pre-built adapters for Bloomberg, Fidessa, and more for out-of-the-box interop.

How Redburn Atlantic improved client communication

Redburn Atlantic is a sell-side equities broker/dealer providing research and execution services for around 700 institutional investors. With interop.io, Redburn now sees more productive client conversations thanks to the easy access traders have to information about their interests and holdings, as well as previous communication.

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