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As a growth-stage company, combines the dynamism of a startup with the stability that comes with success. We offer very competitive salaries, medical/dental/vision coverage, generous vacation time, and flexible work hours. We are a team of world-class professionals working from a variety of locations around the world. Although many of our employees are fully remote, we continue to appreciate the value of in-person gatherings and office life; be it in our Virginia, Sofia, and London office locations or through department gatherings and company-wide retreats.

What we bring:

  • Outcomes-focused environment.
  • An exceptional collaborative team of creative professionals committed to excellence.
  • Trust that you know how, when, and where to achieve your best work.
  • A safe environment where experimentation is welcome and good ideas are valued by anyone.

At we have a singular vision: free up users to do their best work through customized, automated workflows across any set of applications.


We give our people autonomy and we run on a culture of trust and respect.


We collaborate well together and we cultivate an environment where everyone is encouraged to express themselves.


Growth is our mantra and we provide extensive learning opportunities.


Being flexible and pragmatic is our priority. We avoid rules, heavy procedures and unnecessary hierarchical organizational structures.


We work hard, but we also know the importance of having a balanced life. We know how to have fun and take time to recharge and refresh.

The Perks Careers

Health and wellbeing

  • Medical and dental care
  • Quarterly wellbeing afternoons
  • Access to wellbeing resources, incl. meditation apps, online and in-person workshops
  • Access to psychological support and wellbeing resources
  • Free sports membership

Flexibility and time off

  • Flexible workplace philosophy – work from home or the office
  • Flexible working hours
  • Generous vacation day policy

Growth and development

  • Access to conferences and events
  • Access to learning platforms such as Udemy
  • Internal and external training opportunities
  • Guided career growth opportunities

Employee experience

  • Team “get together” events
  • Company retreats

company gatherings

Inclusivity at

At, we foster an inclusive culture of collaboration, valuing the unique strengths and perspectives of every team member. We believe diversity enriches our work and benefits our customers, partners, and communities.

We are committed to equal opportunity and fairness, welcoming candidates from all backgrounds, free from discrimination based on any protected status.

Investing in growth, we embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a safe, respectful, and welcoming environment for everyone. When people feel valued, they unleash their full potential, driving creativity, innovation, and success.

Together, we share a vision of building a better world through collaboration and dedication to these core values, making a positive impact beyond our company.

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