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house30+ years on the market

banknoteNZD 40 billion+ in assets

figuresHQ in New Zealand

globeProviding solutions across Asia-Pacific

Products used and Velox streamline trader workflow

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01. Company

Chelmer is a New Zealand-based provider of premier wealth management technology solutions to customers across the Asia Pacific region. Their flagship product Myriad supports the entirety of functionality required by the buy side, including complete trade lifecycle, portfolio analytics, lending, asset management, custody, and customer analytics. Chelmer counts many premier wealth management firms and stockbrokers as their customers. Today, Chelmer’s technology platforms manage more than NZD 40 billion in assets, enabling daily transaction flows of hundreds of millions of dollars.

02. Challenge

Myriad’s comprehensive suite of functionality demanded a high-performance User Interface (UI) assembly platform that would elegantly support sophisticated workflows across the asset management lifecycle. In addition, Chelmer also needed to synchronize UI and data between their own components and third-party applications.

03. Vendor Evaluation

Through extensive research and experimentation, Chelmer was able to determine that’s desktop integration platform would be the ideal solution for its needs. This required hands-on testing of data exchange patterns, shared contexts, UI orchestration, workspace management, notifications and integration with Refinitiv’s Eikon and Iress CRM.

04. Solution

Realizing the need to deliver a fully functional, yet open wealth management platform, Chelmer made the strategic decision to redevelop Myriad using as the foundation. Enabling Myriad to be extended via desktop integration is a cornerstone of Chelmer’s design philosophy and enables their customers to seamlessly tailor highly optimized multi-application workflows.

One example of the platform’s extensibility is the out-of-the-box integration with Refinitiv’s Eikon. Myriad widgets now provide seamless access to the licensed market data and tight integration with trade blotters and order entry. Implemented as micro frontends, these widgets operate within the runtime and leverage high–performance interop to share data and establish context. This technique minimizes latency and lag in the processing of asynchronous updates to market data, executions and other events. The net result is an agile, intuitive desktop that implements sophisticated workflows that maximize trader, advisor and analyst productivity.

05. Future Plans

The openness and extensibility of the Myriad platform will ultimately enable new features to be developed. Subject to client demand, these will include support for additional asset types, sophisticated analytics, visualizations and machine learning-inspired desktop automation.