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How to Improve Execution Outcomes

Written by Anna Shearer

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Best execution isn’t just a regulatory imperative, it’s a key weapon in retaining and winning clients. Achieving this is hard as traders need a seamless flow of information between data providers and transactional systems (e.g., market data, spreadsheets, OMS, EMS, CRM systems, among others). Unfortunately, these systems rarely communicate which each other. Therefore, the user needs to repeatedly search, re-key and copy/paste into disparate systems. Thus, we’ll look into two of the most used tools – Bloomberg® and Fidessa and see how you can improve execution outcomes. can help you configure optimized workspaces in which critical data, like order, instrument and client can be synchronized real-time between the Bloomberg® Terminal and Fidessa. The G42 Bloomberg® Fidessa adapter by allows traders to understand market dynamics faster. Therefore, they improve the speed and quality of execution they give to clients.

Quickly Create Watchlists in Bloomberg® Using Fidessa Orders

Usually, traders monitor huge quantities of orders within Fidessa. These can be in the form of baskets from one client or multiple orders from different clients. Typically, the trader will be monitoring their ‘Active Orders’ window in Fidessa and re-keying each stock into Bloomberg® Terminal separately to monitor the associated market data. simplifies this journey by enabling traders to create a Bloomberg® watchlist from their Fidessa Active Orders with a single click.

Instantly Share Instrument Data Between Fidessa and Bloomberg® Terminal

Additional market information, analytics and social media from Bloomberg® can be synchronized in just the same way. This allows traders to provide better market color and articulate compelling execution narratives to clients. bridges the gap between Bloomberg® and Fidessa, simplifies user journeys and contributes to better execution outcomes.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Sharing Instrument Data Between Bloomberg and Fidessa from on Vimeo.

Last Updated on September 28, 2023
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