Partners | October 3, 2023 and Partner to Improve Workflow for Fixed Income Traders

Written by Katina Male and’s partnership with allows fixed income traders to streamline analytics more easily.

Founded in 2021, Propellant’s mission is to enable clients to analyze financial markets data and make it transparent, accessible and affordable. Industry veterans Vincent Grandjean and Allan Horgan created Propellant to maximize the value of public and proprietary data.

An partnership allows Propellant to strengthen their position on fixed income trading desks across the industry and see more users adopt their application. By incorporating FDC3 functionality, Propellant can now interoperate with other applications out of the box to allow for streamlined, efficient workflows.

Propellant has set out to solve the below problems:

  • Fixed income markets are opaque and fragmented, making data analytics difficult
  • Existing options are expensive and provide a limited view of the market
  • Public data (such as MiFID) tends to be scattered, unorganized and in multiple formats

When captured, organized and combined with internal proprietary data, advanced analytics make the market more transparent for financial firms and the public. The Propellant interface is used by global, regional and local banks, asset managers, hedge funds, regulators and more.

“We’re very happy to partner with to see our technology solution be more readily integrated with our customers’ front office applications and other leading technology vendors,” says Grandjean. “Getting access to Propellant will now be simpler and faster, helping traders visualize proprietary and public data in an instant.”

As part of an smart desktop, Propellant users may see a variety of workflows between the tools they use every day, such as syncing Propellant to their OMS/EMS for faster trade decisions.

“’s commitment to unadulterated, open-source interoperability is one of the reasons we’re trusted foremost among our peers by vendors,” says Global Head of Partnerships Jim Bunting. “We’re very happy to partner with the team at Propellant and help them deliver a better user experience to their clients.”

For more information on the and Propellant partnership, visit our partnership page and/or contact Propellant via

About Propellant: is a data analysis fintech combining public and proprietary data to empower advanced analytics and drive business decisions. It is an open, cloud-native, turnkey solution built on stringent security-certified services.

Born in 2021, its mission is to take financial markets information and make it transparent, accessible, affordable and useful to all parties in the ecosystem. was founded by Vincent Grandjean, and Allan Horgan, both professionals who have a long history in capital markets and wanted to leverage their experience to create a cost-effective solution. Clients include global banks, asset managers, universities and regulatory bodies.’s strategy is unique, as the firm includes public data as well as proprietary data, to provide a low-cost solution for all sizes of firms.



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