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Numis Streamlines Trader Workflow

Learn how long-term client Numis (now Deutsche Numis) streamlines trader workflow.

Independent investment bank Numis (now Deutsche Numis) continues to benefit from its relationship with – the industry leader in interoperability for capital markets and beyond.’s services allow Numis’ trading teams to seamlessly integrate and synchronize the apps they use on their desktops to create frictionless workflow experiences, both in the office and while working from home. The technology means that Numis staff have one-click access to market intelligence, quotes, pricing, customer analytics and news without switching between the different application and data providers.

“This is all about enabling a best-of-breed system architecture that enables our staff to have the best possible tools for the job. In turn, we are able to operate even more efficiently and continue to exceed for our clients and the business as a whole,” said Tim Valmas, Head of Technology and Transformation at Numis.

Through’s product, users have access to one-click insights between applications to know who to call and why, access client profiles, including information on holdings and interests and to improve client satisfaction with faster, more accurate responses from sales traders.

Interop is a new way of thinking of desktop design

Leslie Spiro, CEO of, said: “Interoperability is not just about the technology or a standard. It also requires a shift in how we design for the desktop. This means taking a user and workflow-centric approach by blurring the boundaries of applications and designing for the desktop holistically.

“This is what a financial desktop fit for the future looks like, where applications are borderless and work flows seamlessly. Numis shares this vision.”

Valmas concluded: “Seamless integration of our research, sales and trading applications with collaboration tools is crucial for more efficient and effective use of technology. The ability to embed client and market data into our existing sales and trading workflows provides our teams with the insights they need to gain a competitive edge, which is so important to us. makes this happen.”

To learn more about how can enable business needs to be solved at speed, read our recent blog:

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