and Infront and Infront Elevate Clients’ Trading Capabilities

We’re thrilled to enter a new partnership into our program, to promote interoperability across capital markets., the leading interoperability provider for the finance industry, and Infront, the European market leader in financial market data solutions, announced their collaborative effort, which has already resulted in the delivery of a complex trading solution for Deutsche Numis, an international investment bank. This partnership and joint solution propel the UK market maker to new heights as a retail service provider.

Recent data from JPMorgan reveals retail trading hit an all-time high this year as non-institutional market participation enjoys a renaissance amid a favorable start to 2023 for equities, surpassing the 2021 phenomenon of high-profile, meme-inspired day trading spikes.

While long-term trends are reshaping the online brokerage business, the essence of success still lies in swift and dependable order executions using the right trading platform. Recognizing this, Deutsche Numis enriched its execution capabilities and integrated its primary trading platform, Fidessa, with Infront’s retail service provider (RSP) quotation solution.

“This is all about enabling a best-of-breed system architecture that enables our staff to have the best possible tools for the job. In turn, we will be able to operate even more efficiently and continue to exceed for our clients and the business as a whole,” said the head of technology and transformation at Deutsche Numis.

By deploying’s platform, io.Connect, Deutsche Numis seamlessly connects Fidessa and Infront, integrating the applications so dealers can work more efficiently and effectively.

“Deutsche Numis has been a mutual client of Infront and for many years. The benefits of collaborating were clear,” said Ricky Strachan, General Manager, Infront UK. “Thanks to, Infront front office solutions now seamlessly integrate with Fidessa, allowing synchronization of instruments, using tracking groups and color channels, enabling Straight-Through Workflows. The io.Connect Fidessa and Infront adapters played a pivotal role in refining this solution.”

“Market makers are in a constant quest for enhanced competitiveness and a swifter market entry using best-of-breed solutions. Multi-origin application integration and workflow orchestration are crucial for improving workflow for our clients. Our partnership demonstrates the power interoperability can bring across different systems,” said Leslie Spiro, CEO,

About Infront

Infront is a leading European fintech in the wealth management and trading spaces. Their 3,500 customers use their solutions and reliable, real-time data to gather information, build knowledge, and derive insight about market direction and investment opportunities to deliver better results for their clients. Infront gives wealth managers and traders the confidence and control they need to make smarter decisions faster.

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