and comitFS and comitFS Revolutionize Trader-Client Conversations

We’re thrilled to enter a new partnership into our program, to promote interoperability across capital markets., the leading interoperability provider for the finance industry, and comitFS, the market leader in optimizing high-touch voice conversations, today announced their strategic partnership, marking a significant leap in the automation of voice communication within capital markets.

While is dedicated to enhancing interoperability between any type of application, the partnership with comitFS extends the focus to voice, an integral but often overlooked aspect of the trade cycle. The collaboration streamlines workflow for traders, providing them with contextualized next-best action notifications triggered by voice conversations.

“Our strategic partnership with provides a unique opportunity to allow FDC3 application providers supporting traders to embed client conversations into their workflow,” says comitFS Managing Director Jappy Takhar. “Critically we estimate a saving of 90% in time and costs versus traditional API integrations.”

Four of the world’s top ten investment banks choose comitFS CAS because the middleware reduces complexity and cost when integrating voice conversations with desktop apps. The middleware works across the leading two turret manufacturers alongside enterprise devices of Cisco and Microsoft Teams.

“Applications on your desktop can now deliver contextual insights based on who you’re talking with and what you’re talking about, without the traditional multiple clicks on the keyboard,” says President Dan Schleifer.

Research, sales, and traders can now initiate a call with a client or broker from within their applications, such as their OMS, CRM, or chat system. The workflow complexity for users is simplified as they never leave the application when talking with the counterparty.

Additionally, when an incoming call comes in, users can launch a client-specific workspace or refresh multiple applications on their desktops instantly.

All of this occurs on end-user desktops, where every type of application — 3rd party, in-house, legacy, or web, can participate in Straight-Through Workflows™.

“Smart contextualized automation of high-touch conversations is undoubtedly entering mainstream adoption,” adds Schleifer. “Both comitFS and clients can now implement and drive this adoption.”

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