Interop for vendors

Become an integral part of trader workflow

If you’re a vendor in capital markets, the future of your application participating in client workflow depends on you opting in to interoperability. is here to help.


What is interoperability?

Across capital markets, siloed apps and legacy tech have led to costly errors and inefficiencies. Interoperability solves for this by seamlessly connecting the apps your clients use every day — including your own. clients see improved workflow and experience a new, powerful way to navigate between their web, native and legacy apps. partners become part of this new and improved smart desktop.

Hubs and spokes next to each other

Interoperability Hubs

With, your offering (such as an OMS) can become even more valuable when you become the interop central axle with which all workflow turns. clients such as FactSet and Charles River benefit from embedding technology into their offering.

Benefits for hubs include:

  • More easily cross-sell from within your own portfolio.
  • Connect to any and all client apps and other vendor apps.
  • Orchestrate workflows across the desktop with minimal effort and zero technical risk.
  • Become “sticky” — your clients can’t (and won’t want to!) live without you.
  • Drive your client’s evolving desktop landscape and help them to innovate with interop.

Interoperability Spokes

Want to integrate your own apps and allow your clients to embed them within their existing workflow? provides two options to help:

  • Use io.Connect Browser to integrate your own web apps and have these deployed to the client without installing any desktop software.
  • Use io.Connect Desktop to integrate your own web or legacy native apps and have these deployed locally on your clients’ desktop.

In both cases, will leverage FDC3 industry standards to ensure maximum compatibility. In addition, allows new levels of user experience management to make your apps the center of attention. Often, our spoke partners lack the IT support necessary to build out interop on their own. With, benefit from “pre-packaged” interop.

Using []’s technology we are providing clients with a better and more seamless user experience. A new single login provides interoperability with access to the best components from multiple solutions, allowing traders to focus on execution.”
— Ray Tierney, President of Broadridge Trading and Connectivity Solutions

FactSet Interoperability Demo

In this demo, FactSet SVP of Alliances and Partnerships, Patrick Starling, shows the power of interoperability. With under the hood, FactSet components are able to interoperate with components both inside and outside of the FactSet workstation. Note that this demo is all done in a macOS environment.

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