Rebrand Celebrates One Year of Growth and Success

It’s been one year since the merger of Finsemble and Glue42. Today we celebrate our anniversary as

One year ago this week, Finsemble and Glue42 embarked on a journey to bring together the best in interoperability. Today, we are thrilled to celebrate the first anniversary of our merger.

In honor of our first year together, we’ve launched a new website along with a brand refresh. Over the past year we’ve gotten to know who we are as a combined company and took care to select brand attributes that reflect our shared values. From typography to color scheme, our brand extends into who we are as a company — At the forefront of technology and design while also remaining trustworthy, reliable, and sincere.

As part of the anniversary celebration, we held an office rebrand party. It was great to get together with our team in Sofia for the anniversary festivities. See photos from the gathering below.

What has the past year brought our company?

Over the past year we’ve achieved a breadth of success, both internally as a team and externally as we’ve helped our clients achieve new heights. Some of these highlights include:

Expanded our reach: Combining our expertise has allowed us to serve more clients across capital markets. By pooling our resources, we’ve help clients in new and innovative ways.

Built a stronger team: The integration of our teams has proved to be a great success, with global representation and a combined force of sales, marketing, leadership, and expert developers and engineers.

Extended our leadership in interoperability: Our commitment to steering interoperability across the industry remains a priority. This year we released the industry’s first Desktop Interoperability Maturity Model to help firms assess and measure their interoperability initiatives.

Consultancy offering, a new part of our professional services business: We now offer consultancy in addition to our development services to help our clients deliver interoperability more quickly. We also have a new set of clients that can benefit from these services.

Achieved significant milestones: As a combined company, we’ve been named The Best Desktop Environment for Interoperability, released cloud-hosted and multi-device interop for interoperability everywhere, and hosted two client forums in London and New York with record attendance. See photos from our recent client forum below, where guests had a sneak peak of our new brand.

Why did Glue42 and Finsemble merge?

Both Glue42 and Finsemble had been devoted to solving industry app-overload and delivering world-class interoperability for clients. In 2022, both companies had record breaking years in terms of revenue growth, client success and product development — while delivering the functionality, scalability and support infrastructure that is required to make interoperability a practical reality. In many cases, we saw prospective clients being forced to choose between Glue42 and Finsemble. The merger now gives clients a best-of-both-worlds opportunity.

Our combined efforts bring to the industry the largest and most experienced team in interoperability, the most powerful integration platform for desktop and web environments and the only zero-install interoperability platform.

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Interoperability is now recognized as one of the most transformative technologies to come to the industry in years. At the helm is with one singular vision: free up users to do their best work through customized, automated workflows across any set of applications.

Thank you to our clients!

We are incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished and grateful for the support of our clients, partners, and employees. Cheers to another successful year ahead!


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Leslie Spiro
CEO and Co-founder
Leslie is а serial entrepreneur with a remarkable track record in the fintech industry. He co-founded Tick42, a product and professional services company, which in turn led to the development of Glue42. Leslie is currently CEO and Co-founder of, formed from the merger of Glue42 and Finsemble in 2023.
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