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Genesis Global and A Partnership Driving Innovation in Financial Software

With its new application platform release, Genesis Global embraces FDC3 and interoperability. In this partnership announcement, learn why is the right partner to help carry this vision forward.

Genesis Global and have joined forces to drive innovation and enhance interoperability in the financial markets industry. This new technology alliance aims to help financial firms modernize their software environments, enabling seamless, multi-application workflows that enhance efficiency and reduce risk.

Revolutionizing Financial Technology

Genesis and are dedicated to transforming the financial technology landscape by replacing outdated legacy systems with advanced, interconnected applications. This partnership allows mutual clients to effortlessly integrate high-performance front-, middle-, and back-office applications built on the Genesis platform into their broader interoperability strategy using

“Clients love the Genesis platform for its ability to integrate multiple data sources and financial technology systems,” says Leslie Spiro, CEO and Co-founder of “Now, with and FDC3, third-party systems such as Salesforce or Bloomberg can more easily interoperate with Genesis applications.”

Enhancing Flexibility and Integration

Financial firms increasingly demand flexibility between web and desktop applications. Devry Ross, Head of Partnerships at Genesis Global, emphasizes that integrating various systems, data sources, and trade-related services is a core strength of Genesis. “Our work with specialists like and new capabilities in our platform expand how our philosophy of flexibility and openness translates to desktop integrations,” says Ross.

The latest release, Version 8 of the Genesis Application Platform includes improved FDC3 support. This update helps developers embed interoperability into applications and desktop environments, making it easier to create interconnected solutions.

Strategic Partnerships for Industry Evolution

Both Genesis and recognize that partnerships are crucial for advancing interoperability in the financial markets industry. Genesis’s Partner Program collaborates with various technology providers and consultancies to develop new applications and solutions that optimize productivity, enhance compliance, and create competitive advantages.

Similarly, the Partner Program allows vendors and solution providers to become centralized “interop hubs” or interop-enabled “spokes,” seamlessly integrating with other applications. Spiro adds, “It’s wonderful to see Genesis enhancing its platform with improved support for interop via FDC3, thereby increasing the impact of applications enabled for interop. We look forward to collaborating with Genesis, our clients, and partners to further realize the value from our joint commitment to both interop and FDC3.”

Genesis Application Platform: A Low-Code Revolution

The Genesis Application Platform offers a specialized low-code framework and AI-driven developer tools, making it easier and faster for financial firms to build new applications or upgrade legacy systems. It provides a unified developer environment for creating full-stack applications that require high-performance transaction processing, event-driven workflows, real-time data integrations, and rich, interactive user experiences.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the financial technology industry, promising enhanced interoperability and innovation for financial firms worldwide.

Team at client forum Partner Success Manager Viktoriya Shopova joins the Genesis Global team at the 2023 London Client Forum

About Genesis Global
Genesis Global enables financial markets organizations to innovate at speed through its application platform and deep expertise in capital markets and financial services. In supercharging developers to rapidly deliver high-performance, resilient and secure applications, Genesis replaces the buy vs. build challenge with a buy-to-build solution. Genesis Global is strategically-backed by Bank of America, BNY Mellon and Citi.

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