Partners | March 8, 2024

FlexTrade Demo – interop & FDC3 workflows

In this FlexTtrade demo showcasing interop and FDC3-workflows, learn more about how FlexTrade benefits from the power of interoperability, offering FDC3-workflows for execution management and trader workflow. Presentation and demo presented by Andy Mahoney, Managing Director at FlexTrade. Key takeaways include:

Bilateral API interaction

“The argument I get from my development team is that we could just code to the APIs directly. And it’s a fair point. The problem is on in the long term, it doesn’t really work. The investment required to keep those APIs current is just unsustainable with APIs changing, being upgraded, and generally, third party integration using proprietary APIs being tightly coupled and the interaction is very brittle. When you have a system that’s been implemented and you’ve tightly coupled it to internal systems or third party systems, you end up in a situation where everyone fears the next upgrade, and everyone fears changing provider even more.”

“We see a world in the future with an EMS or a trading system should be as easy to install and uninstall as an application on your phone, and FDC3 and interop enable that.”

Cross-application workflows

“It’s reducing the focus from the application more on the workflow. EMS OMS PMS, it it shouldn’t necessarily be defined in those buckets. It should be defined as what is the user actually trying to achieve?”

A seamless desktop experience

“Ultimately, we see the end state of this being that all deterministic actions (i.e. any action where you’re not adding value as a user) things that you are just literally working against the technology – you’re having to click through ten menu items to get to the desired result – Should be automated, and that is across applications. And then the user ends up just making judgment calls saying, I want to do A or B.”

“It’s distilling down the true human value to not be working against the machine, but working with the machine.”


About Flextrade

FlexTrade Systems is a global leader in high performance multi-asset execution management and order management systems for equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, futures, and options. A pioneer in the field, FlexTrade is internationally recognized for introducing FlexTRADER®, the world’s first broker-neutral, execution management trading system, which allows clients to completely control and customize their execution workflows through a comprehensive ability to search/access liquidity while maintaining the confidentiality of their trading strategies.