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We’re thrilled to announce that Glue42 and Finsemble have merged to form one company: interop.io.

Both Glue42 and Finsemble have been devoted to solving industry app-overload and delivering world-class interoperability projects for our clients. This is why we decided to combine efforts and deliver the largest and most experienced team in interop, the most powerful integration platform for desktop and web environments and the only zero-install interoperability platform.

Interoperability is now recognized as one of the most transformative technologies to come to the industry in years. At the helm is interop.io, now with one singular vision: free up users to do their best work through customized, automated workflows across any set of applications.

For the full story, read the press release. Additionally, we’ve provided Q&As below.

We’re happy you’re here, and we look forward to what’s to come.


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Leslie Spiro
Co-Founder and CEO
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Dan Schleifer
Co-Founder and President

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Leslie Spiro headshot
Leslie Spiro
Chief Executive Officer
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Dan Schleifer
President and Founder

Joerg Ruetschi
Chief Operating Officer

James Wooster
Chief Revenue Officer

Sara Courson
Chief Customer Officer

David Nadolski
Chief Financial Officer

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Chief People Officer

Susan Walters
CEO, Professional Services
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